Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS)

The Green Hills family of operating systems provides device developers with the most advanced embedded technology for a range of applications and architectures. This family of operating systems provides developers with a seamless migration path when designs add complexity and new requirements. By standardizing on Green Hills Software, development teams can share:

  • upwards-compatible application source base
  • upwards-compatible operating system API
  • common development toolset across the range of products


INTEGRITY Real-Time Operating System


The flagship of our family of operating systems, the INTEGRITY RTOS is built around an advanced partitioning architecture to provide embedded systems with total reliability, absolute security, and optimum deterministic real-time response. With its leadership pedigree underscored by safety and security certifications from a range of industries, INTEGRITY sets the standard for real-time operating system safety, security, and reliability.

µ-velOSity Royalty-Free Microkernel

The ยต-velOSity real-time microkernel is the smallest of Green Hills Software's family of royalty-free operating systems.

The µ-velOSity real-time microkernel is the smallest of Green Hills Software's family of real-time operating systems. It is implemented as a C library and so can be easily ported to multiple target architectures. With a minimum RAM requirement of less than 2K bytes, a small footprint, simple design, and integration with the MULTI tools suite, µ-velOSity is both easy to learn and simple to use.

INTEGRITY-178B Safety-Crtitical RTOS

INTEGRITY-178B, EAL 6+ Certified, RTOS, Safety-Critical-Critical

The INTEGRITY-178B RTOS is securely-partitioned and targeted at demanding safety-critical applications that contain multiple programs with different levels of safety criticality, all executing on a single processor. The ARINC 653-1 compliant INTEGRITY-178B RTOS has been engineered from the ground up to provide security and determinism. As a result it guarantees protection across both the time and space domains.

INTEGRITY Multivisor for Secure Virtualization

The INTEGRITY Multivisor is the industry's most powerful, reliable, and flexible embedded virtualization solution. The platform can host arbitrary guest operating systems alongside a comprehensive suite of real-time applications and middleware. Applications and guest operating systems are flexibly scheduled across one or multiple cores, can communicate efficiently with each other, and use system peripherals according to a strict access control model.