Leading the Embedded World

Field Services Engineer (Santa Barbara, CA)

Job description

We seek an engineer with outstanding technical and communication skills to visit our customers around the world to provide consulting and training services. Our customers are highly skilled embedded software development firms, and a Field Services Engineer will help them use GHS technology to design/develop their software and to find/fix their most challenging bugs. In addition, a Field Services Engineer will be part of a tight-knit team responsible for developing and delivering training classes to educate software development professionals on how to use GHS technology to design safe/secure/real-time embedded systems.


  • Creating and delivering training classes for GHS technologies--including our IDE, RTOSes, BSPs, device drivers, and middleware
  • Visiting customer sites around the world to help them identify and solve problems in their applications
  • Helping customers create new BSPs and write device drivers for the INTEGRITY RTOS
  • Adapting and customizing our tools to integrate with our customers' design flow
  • Troubleshooting and diagnosing customer problems remotely
  • Carrying out design reviews with customers to help them improve their designs


  • Strong programming skills in C/C++
  • Working toward or possess a BS/MS (CS, ECE, Math) or have 5+ years of experience in the embedded software industry
  • Ability to quickly learn and understand the inner workings of complex software systems
  • Ability to quickly diagnose technical problems with limited information and work with customers in a fast-paced technical environment
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to succinctly explain complex technical concepts
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently
  • Interest in traveling up to 50% of the time

Helpful skills and experience

  • Experience interacting with customers (pre-sales, support, etc.)
  • Embedded experience, including work on INTEGRITY, ThreadX, VxWorks, OSE, QNX, pSOS, embedded Linux, etc.
  • Experience working with hardware (e.g., getting code running on a bare board, writing BSPs, writing device drivers, bringing up an embedded OS, etc.)
  • Technical teaching and/or public speaking experience (e.g., TA in college, regular presentations during internship, Toastmasters, speech or debate club, etc.)

The US base salary range for this full-time position is $127,000 - $146,000 + bonus + equity + benefits. Applicants with industry experience should email jobs@ghs.com for applicable job openings.

To apply

Please email your resume to: jobs@ghs.com.