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Communications Software

Green Hill Software provides a complete and scalable suite of integrated networking solutions supporting a broad range of nework connected devices—from those requiring basic IPv4 connectivity to ones that demand comprehensive and robust network security and advanced routing functionality.

The Green Hills networking solution was developed from the ground up to address the requirements of embedded systems in automotive, consumer, aerospace and defense, as well as networking and telecommunications. The scalable feature set and footprint can be configured to support devices from IoT nodes to enterprise class routers. Our networking solution is seamlessly integrated with the µ-velOSity, INTEGRITY, and INTEGRITY-178 real-time operating systems as well as the MULTI development environment.


INTEGRITY Networking Solutions

Green Hills Networking Solutions include industry standard interoperable Internet protocols, device management and security components.

Ultimate Network Availability
For the ultimate in service availability, uptime and security, INTEGRITY offers unparalleled flexibility for protocol stack architectures requiring reliability.

  • In mission critical applications, protocol stacks and device drivers can be isolated in their own secure address spaces. This provides extra protection from network errors, alarm storms, or malicious attacks by isolating and containing areas of the system experiencing problems and allowing fast recovery.
  • The network stack or any other application can be stopped and reloaded while the rest of the system continues to run.
  • In complex multiprocessor or blade systems, duplicate TCP/IP stacks can be configured to provide absolute isolation between an intra-system network and the Internet.
  • Redundant TCP/IP stacks can be configured for immediate traffic failover.
  • Centralized error handling, system health monitors, and INTEGRITY’s direct message passing architecture provide key building blocks for creating highly available systems.

Guaranteed CPU and Memory Availability
Abnormal traffic situations like Denial of Service (DoS) attacks can severely tax buffer memory and performance, deplete resources, and ultimately crash the system. INTEGRITY has been designed with secure address spaces and resource guarantees that can be used to block this type of unintentional or malicious activity.

The GHNet TCP/IP stack, or any INTEGRITY network component, may be assigned a fixed budget of memory and CPU time resources that are guaranteed under any circumstances.

This provides guarantees that the overall system’s memory and CPU resources will not be exhausted processing network traffic in a DoS attack, alarm storm, or other abnormal network condition.

Green Hills networking products

Networking Stacks
  • GHNet Dual Mode IPv4/IPv6 TCP/IP Stack
Security & VPN Protocols
  • IKE - Internet Key Exchange
  • IPSec - Internet Protocol Security
  • SSH - Secure Shell
  • SSL - Secure Socket Layer
Networking Protocols
  • Networking Applications: DHCP, DNS, FTP, TFTP
  • DHCP Server
  • RIP - Routing Information Protocol
  • SNTP - Simple Network Time Protocol
Network Management
  • SNMPv1/2c/3 - Simple Network Management Protocol
Media Streaming
  • Ethernet AVB (Audio Video Bridging)
Embedded Internet Applications
  • Web Servers
  • HTTP Clients
  • XML/SOAP Client
  • UPnP with MediaServer
  • CLI – Command Line Interface
  • SMTP/POP3 – Email send/receive
Distributed Middleware

Real-Time Performance
The GHNet TCP/IP stack has been designed specifically for high performance and real-time response. Its zero-copy interface allows the highest possible bandwidth for performance critical applications. In an embedded application, processing network traffic might not be the most critical event. The INTEGRITY TCP/IP stack never masks or blocks interrupts, even while manipulating critical data structures, ensuring minimum interrupt latency and deterministic system performance, allowing network processing to be suspended at any time to allow higher priority tasks to execute.

INTEGRITY offers a secure operating system environment enhanced with a range of network security components - implementations of IETF IPv4 and IPv6 security protocols such as SSL, SSH, IPSec, and IKE. All these offer security services such as encryption, authentication, integrity checking and replay protection. The requirements of the OEM product determine the level of security implemented.

Device Management

With Green Hills Networking Solutions, it is easy to improve the management and support of your device with:

  • An easy to use, secure browser interface
  • Customizable command line interface - CLI
  • Support for remote software upgrades
  • Support for SNMP v1/v2c/v3
  • Remote device management, monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Immediate device status via email alerts

Accelerating Development

Time to market delays can be costly. The Green Hills Platform for Secure Networking effectively eliminates much of the R&D and investment risk associated with understanding and integrating networking capabilities.

Most protocols are delivered in source code and are ready to run on INTEGRITY, INTEGRITY-178, and µ-velOSity. They have been designed and tuned to the advanced capabilities of the Green Hills family of operating systems and the MULTI IDE. This innovative and field proven suite of compact and complete networking components allows manufacturers to quickly develop and deploy advanced network applications.


Green Hills Networking Solutions include an extensive set of complementary networking technologies for many types of networking applications. Each component is configurable, providing a scalable choice of plug and play options. The open architecture and comprehensive set of configuration parameters gives developers the freedom to customize the features and scale the footprint for their application. Whatever the special requirements of your application, there is a set of Green Hills Networking Solutions to satisfy your needs.