Why Choose Green Hills Software

We have the most reliable RTOS

Traditional real time operating systems can be crashed or subtly crippled by any tiny error in even the most insignificant part of your software. But during software development, our revolutionary INTEGRITY real time operating system detects nearly all of the bugs that would crash, lock up, or cause maddening random glitches in every other RTOS. Furthermore, INTEGRITY enables you to prevent any remaining bugs or viruses from crashing, locking up, glitching, or subtly crippling your system.

Our INTEGRITY-178 product is our INTEGRITY RTOS plus a complete off-the-shelf certification package for the Federal Aviation Administration's highest level safety standard: DO-178B Level A. INTEGRITY-178B is the only high reliability commercial RTOS that has been certified by the FAA to meet the FAA's highest reliability standard required for products that could potentially cause the catastrophic failure of an aircraft. INTEGRITY-178B has been selected to run the primary control systems of dozens of models of aircraft including the Rockwell Collins mission computer on the Textron RQ-7B Shadow and Northrop Grumman USMC H-1 helicopters.

INTEGRITY is far and away the world's most reliable RTOS.

We have the most productive software development environment

Our world leading MULTI software development environment is the most productive software development environment. MULTI slashes your time to market and your development cost by slashing your debugging time.

MULTI maximizes the reliability of your electronic product by rooting out bugs and glitches. MULTI also enables you to boost the performance and capability of your electronic product. The higher costs associated with using any other software development environment make MULTI the only embedded software development environment that you can afford.

We have the best optimizing compilers

According to the most respected embedded compiler benchmarks, the EEMBC benchmarks, our optimizing compilers generate faster and smaller code than any other embedded compilers. Faster and smaller code boosts the performance of your electronic product and reduces its memory and processor costs. The higher manufacturing costs associated with using any other embedded compiler makes our optimizing compilers the only embedded compilers that you can afford.

We slash your manufacturing cost

Our royalty-free µ-velOSity real-time microkernel and INTEGRITY real-time operating system are ideal for high volume products. You save money because the small memory footprints of these RTOSes reduce the memory you need. The exceptional performance of these RTOSes also enables you to save money by buying a less expensive microprocessor. Our INTEGRITY RTOS provides a lower total manufacturing cost than any other high reliability RTOS.

Our MULTI software development environment also slashes your manufacturing cost. MULTI includes advanced memory usage analysis capabilities that enable you to reduce the memory used by your software. MULTI also enables you to maximize the performance of your software, enabling you to reduce your microprocessor costs.

Our customers love our products and our support

Check out what our customers say about our products and support.

We encourage you to license our RTOS source code

The benefits of licensing RTOS source code far outweigh the costs. We are proud of the clean design and implementation of our RTOSes, so we are not afraid to disclose our RTOS source code to our customers.

We have the most advanced technology

INTEGRITY represents the most advanced RTOS technology. It is a breakthrough in RTOS security and reliability. MULTI is the most advanced technology for slashing software debugging time ever devised.

And our optimizing compilers have the most advanced code size and speed optimizations in the world. All of the most advanced embedded software development technology is available from us. There is no need to suffer the endless finger pointing inevitable in a multiple vendor solution. Competition is too intense for you to be held back by inferior software development technology.

We are the safest RTOS vendor

Losing your RTOS vendor could be very disruptive to your business, so choosing a stable RTOS vendor is critical to your success. In the last few years, half of the top ten RTOS companies have either gone out of business, been acquired, or abandoned the market. Many of the remaining RTOS vendors are in such financial difficulties that they may not survive much longer. Several of them have laid off more than half of their employees, including critical research, development, and support engineers. In contrast, Green Hills Software has been a thriving embedded software business for over 30 years: longer than any other embedded software vendor.

Green Hills Software is the only safe RTOS vendor.

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