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Bombardier — Train Control Management System (TCMS)
"The ability of the INTEGRITY RTOS to partition safety-critical functions from non-safety-related elements will help to streamline our development process to meet our customers' needs. Working with Green Hills Software to develop the safety platform for the TCMS will simplify safety certification of systems to EN 50128, hastening the rollout of product enhancements and regional variants."

Hewlett-Packard — Inkjet Printers | All-In-One Devices
"The MULTI IDE provides advanced debug capabilities that greatly simplify the development process."

Lockheed Martin — F-16 Fighter Jet
"We need an ultra-reliable RTOS. INTEGRITY's built-in memory protection, together with its hard real-time response and guaranteed resource availability, made it a perfect fit for this safety-critical application."

Kongsberg Defence Systems —Joint Strike Missile (JSM)
"INTEGRITY's pedigree within aerospace and defense applications, and history of delivering functional safety-related BSPs, made it the leading contender for the JSM" "We wanted a proven, reliable RTOS with a rich ecosystem of development tools and support for our chosen Freescale Power Architecture processor. Green Hills Software provided a solution that enabled us to embark on a long term project with confidence."

Boeing — B1-B Intercontinental Nuclear Bomber
"Boeing is using Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY real-time operating system and AdaMULTI development environment for the avionics, navigation, and weapons systems in the B-1B upgrade program."

Lockheed Martin — F-22 Raptor Cockpit Displays | Joint Strike Fighter
"INTEGRITY is an outstanding product. By involving us early in the product definition phase, Green Hills has been able to create an embedded RTOS with virtual memory support that can meet stringent security standards, giving us the platform we need to develop mission critical software. In the past, we would have to develop a custom RTOS and modify development tools at a significant cost. With INTEGRITY and AdaMULTI, we are able to focus our efforts on application software development and integration, which will result in reduced cost and risk for us and our customers."

Otis Elevator Company — Elevator and Escalator Control Systems
"Our project had an ambitious software development schedule, and MULTI met the expectations of our global development team and was a key factor in achieving our goals."

Carestream Health, Inc —DirectView Classic | DirectView Elite Computed Radiography (CR) Systems
"We selected Green Hills Software's comprehensive operating systems, development tools, and middleware solution because of our requirements for performance and reliability. Green Hills' Platform for Medical Devices is a world class solution for medical systems manufacturers."

EZURiO—Wireless Intelligent Serial Module (WISM) | Wireless Intelligent Telematics System (WiTS)
"Green Hills Software's comprehensive operating systems, development tools, and middleware solution has enabled our R&D team to construct powerful M2M (Machine-to-Machine) applications and create wireless devices that are a first of their kind in terms of footprint, connectivity, and manageability."

Megger—PAT300 Portable Appliance Testers
"After conducting a comprehensive review of available operating systems, Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY emerged as the most suitable OS overall, from both a technical and commercial perspective."

Lockheed Martin/NASA —Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle
"Lockheed Martin selected Green Hills Software INTEGRITY and INTEGRITY-178B operating systems for use in the spacecraft's avionics systems, including the Flight control Module, Spacecraft C31 Communication Adapter, and Backup Emergency Controller. Green Hills Software was determined to be the most technically mature and offered a more economical commercial off-the-shelf solution."

Goodrich Corporation — EMC-100 Full Authority Digital Engine Control System
"We looked at VxWorks, Enea OSE, and our own proprietary RTOS, but INTEGRITY-178B was the only one that provided a secure ARINC-653-compliant partition scheduler, deterministic response and the only commercial RTOS that allows us to achieve the DO-178B, Level A certification that we need."

See What Our Customers Say About Our Support

"You have been absolutely fantastic with both your technical assistance and your prompt and courteous customer service. I am both thankful and impressed. It is not often companies take customer issues so gravely."

"I have to tell you that GHS has the best customer and technical support among the vendors, and I really appreciate your great help and quick response time. All my colleagues also agree with me on this, and we think GHS has established [an] excellent reputation. Thank you again!"

"I have asked several complicated questions about very specific interactions between the components of my particular setup. The GHS support team has consistently answered them as if they had been part of my project design team. The only way to have this kind of information is for you test your product on a very large number of the system permutations. I'm sure this costs you folks a lot of time and money, but it makes for a *very* happy user!"

"I was on a train from New York to Boston with low batteries in my cell phone when my compiler stopped compiling and gave me no error messages to figure out why. I called GHS tech support and got [Support Administrator], who put me through to a technician right away. He found the problem in about 4 minutes and got me compiling again. Thanks to your efforts, I now have three more hours to develop software without the distractions of being a manager (this is the beauty of Amtrak). Support like this turns first-time customers into loyal fans. Thank you!"

"This question was answered quickly and correctly, and it was obvious that the answer was well-founded in practice. Support couldn't be any better."

"Until I bought MULTI, I had *never* received support follow-up email to ask me if my issue has been resolved. I'm still amazed when they show up in my inbox. Simply superb."

"... my support experience was terrific. I received an email from an Engineer w/ preliminary solutions. She later followed up with detailed procedures shortly thereafter."

"I appreciate the fact that it is fairly easy to talk to support (no long "hold" times)."

"I like the fact that you're having the engineer contact me directly to resolve problems."

"Keep doing it the way it's being done now. I used a mix of email and phone calls to resolve my problem, and each was appropriate at that point in time. I got the info I needed to work around the problem, and I got the long-term fix after your engineer had evaluated the materials I sent."

"[Support Administrator] was a tremendous help and we have gotten the ISA chip to reset. You are lucky to have someone of [Support Administrator]'s capabilities on the support staff."

"GHS engineers have always been on-point with understanding the questions and then providing thorough, well-presented answers. I've sent email from work. I've sent email from home. I've called during the day. I've even called from moving trains. I've *never* waited for a response. The timeliness of GHS support is among the best of the best."

"In this incident, even when I thought the problem was resolved, (Support Administrator) took the initiative to find additional information that turned out to be crucial. And she did the legwork to get us what we needed. So, keep doing those things!"

"There was no problem with this support. Normally, over the phone, since if there is a problem, I can better explain it when I talk to someone. This assumes that the person on the other end is knowledgeable on the subject, not just a scribe. I also talked to others within Green Hills, most specifically (FAE), and they also were helpful. This is a good attribute of your company, keep up the good work."

"[Support Administrator] was very helpful and patient! Thank you!! I appreciated the level of attention and personable interaction that did NOT leave me feeling that I am simply some number out there that someone will get around to handling, sometime. The willingness to help, in spite of some confusion I introduced out of my own ignorance. I didn't have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get things straightened out. Thank you."

"[Support Administrator] was most helpful. Keep people like her around and happy!"

"First, a quick response is critical to first acknowledge the request and then to answer the request. Second, answer with correct information. In this case, you did both!"

"I compliment you and your organization on the efficiency with which my request was handled."

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