Our Quick Start Program Will Bring You Up To Speed Quickly

Quick Start Slashes Your Time to Market

We understand that time to market is critical to your success. We take this to heart in everything we do. Getting started with a new real time operating system and development tools takes time. We developed our Quick Start Service program to ensure that you will be up to speed developing software in the absolute minimum time. After studying how new customers get familiar with our software, we developed the components of our Quick Start Service to address every stage of a new project ramp up.

We'll Install & Configure Our Products

It takes time to install and configure a new development environment. If poor installation or configuration choices are made, software development efficiency may be impaired. Our Quick Start Service ensures that your programmers have the most efficient use of our product at the earliest possible time. Our experts will deliver, install, and configure our products to meet your requirements. They can accomplish this more quickly than you can, reducing your time to market by precious weeks.

We'll Implement Your RTOS Board Support Package

If you are using a custom designed electronic circuit board or a standard circuit board that we don't support yet, we will develop a custom board support package to initialize and control its peripheral devices. Developing board support packages is one of the most challenging aspects of embedded software development. If your programmers are not experienced board support package developers it would probably be better to turn the job over to our experts. Our experts have developed many board support packages. They can probably implement a board support package more quickly than your developers can, cutting your time to market by many precious weeks.

We'll Port Your Software to Our RTOS

If you have existing software that has been developed for another real time operating system, your software may have to be modified to work with our real-time operating systems.

Our products include many capabilities to minimize the time and effort required to convert your software to run under our RTOS. But our Application Porting Service eliminates all of the time you would need to convert your application to run under our RTOS. We will deliver a fixed-price fixed-schedule risk-free turnkey conversion of your electronic product to our RTOS. We will deliver all of your embedded applications running all of your verification tests on our RTOS exactly the same as they run on your old RTOS, with equal or better performance.

Our experts are trained in embedded development and they are intimately familiar with the tools and RTOS you have been using, as well as our RTOS and tools. They can port your software more efficiently and more reliably than your developers can. Your programmers have much more productive things to do than port your application to our RTOS. So, we will do all of this without impacting your on-going development schedule.

Our Application Porting Service will convert your electronic product from another RTOS to our real time operating system without any risk, schedule delay, or productivity loss to you.

Our Application Porting Service slashes your time to market by precious months.

We'll Train Your Programmers to be More Productive

Having the most productive software development tools doesn't do you any good if your programmers don't know how to use them optimally. We maximize your programmer productivity and reduce your time to market by training your programmers how use our products and services most productively.

We'll Boost Your Programmer Productivity

After your programmers are trained in the best use of our products, the experts at our Productivity Consulting Service will evaluate your programmers' actual use of our products and services. They will boost your programmers' productivity and reduce your time to market by suggesting more productive ways to use our existing products and services.

We'll Customize Our Products to Your Needs

If it becomes apparent to you or our productivity consulting experts that our products need to be changed to improve your programmer's productivity, our personnel will make those changes. They will even build custom development tools to your specifications enabling you to construct your ideal development environment. Our customization services can ensure that our products are optimized for your every need, maximizing your programmer productivity, and reducing your time to market.

We'll Interface Our Products to Competing Products

Although we believe that we have all of the best of breed tools for all of your electronic product software development needs, you may prefer some tools from another vendor. We will modify our products to work in conjunction with a real time operating system, design or modeling tool, compiler, configuration management system, editor, or debugging connection from another vendor. We will design, build, and support an interface to any other products as needed to get your development team up and developing at maximum productivity in the minimum time.

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