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Cypherbridge Systems: Embedded Security SDK Solutions
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Product Names

  • SDKPac for GHS
  • IoT Design Services

Product Summary

Cypherbridge SDKPac
The solution kits for Green Hills Software include the following features:

  • uLoadXL secure boot loader, safe software install and lifecycle support including over-the-air update
  • uSSL TLS 1.3 SDK
  • uCrypt library including cryptographic, PKCS, X509 and RFC operations
  • uSSH server and client, SFTP and SCP secure file transfer
  • Modbus and MBAPS TLS secure TCP/IP modbus protocol with AUTHN and AUTHZ access control
  • RADIUS client for IT managed AUTHN and AUTHZ access control
  • dHTTP HTTPS Webserver
  • uSMTP TLS secure email client library
  • uMQTT TLS secure MQTT 3.1.1 standards library integrated with Azure IoT and AWS hyperclouds

IoT Design Services
Cypherbridge offers technical solutions and comprehensive design services for IoT device level software,product integration, and secure cloud connectivity.

Design Services Include:

  • Application software development with Green Hills products
  • TCP/IP network stacks including Ethernet, Wi-Fi and LTE
  • FAT file systems
  • USB host and device class drivers
  • SDKPac off-the-shelf SDKs
  • IoT security planning and solutions, retrofit and modernize
  • Integration with off-the-shelf development kits and customer hardware systems
  • Product software R&D, pilot, production, and long-term technical support
  • IT to IoT end-to-end systems

Supported Green Hills Products

Supported Processor Architectures