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corporate background

Corporate background

Renesas Electronics offers a full line of products for the embedded marketplace. With our leadership established by the R-Car, RH850, V850, and SuperH RISC processor families, Renesas provides superior products, reference platforms, established product roadmaps, and an array of development tools and 3rd party support partners.

Product Names

  • Renesas R-Car family
  • Renesas RZ family
  • Renesas RH850 and V850 32-bit processor families

Product Type


Product Description

Renesas Electronics offers a broad range of micro controllers and SoCs for the industrial, communications, automotive, commercial and consumer market segments.

The R-Car series of SoCs builds on Renesas' excellent track record in vehicle information terminal applications. the R-Car lineup includes a broad range of solutions from the low end to the high end, providing advanced automotive capabilities such as high-performance graphics engine and audio/video processing functions alongside a full array of peripheral functions including image recognition This allows for the rapid development of prototypes and substantially lower development cost thanks to availability of eco-friendly systems including solutions from Renesas partners.

Built on the R-Car processors, the Green Hills Platform For the Renesas R-Car Cockpit brings together the products, services and expertise necessary to create and deploy safety-critical software for production-level vehicle cockpit ECUs. Proven applications include instrument clusters, heads-up displays, in-vehicle infotainment, telematics, secure OTA and Driver Monitoring.

The ISO 26262 and ISO 21434 certified Green Hills Platforms for Automotive enable Renesas R-Car solutions for ADAS and automated driving systems as well as modern domain controllers and zonal gateways to fully leverage the Green Hills Software family of certified products.

The RH850 family from Renesas is the successor to the V850 family, which supplies an extensive line of products offering high performance and ultra-low power consumption. First in the industry to employ a 40nm process, the RH850 family delivers superior performance, an excellent cost-to-performance ratio, and support for security functionality and functional safety essential to advanced automotive applications.

The RZ family of ARM-based microcontrollers provides large on-chip RAM capacity up to 10MB, four times that of the earlier SH devices it replaces, enabling display of WXGA video (1,280 × 768 pixels) without using external SDRAM. Faster CPUs , on-chip high-audio-quality asynchronous sampling rate converter for high-resolution audio and the availability of eco-friendly systems based on collaboration by Renesas and ARM partners allows the rapid development of prototypes and substantially lower development cost.

Processors Supported

  • The complete R-Car SoC series, including the R-Car H1, M1, E2, M2, H2, H3, M3, V3H, V3M, E3, and S4
  • The RH850 family including all RH850G3K and RH850G3M-based devices, such as the RH850/F1x, RH850/P1x, RH850/D1x, RH850G4MH, RH8500.E1x, RH850/E2x, RH850/U2x, and RH850/C1x series.
  • The entire series of legacy V850 and SH microcontrollers.

Supported Green Hills Products


Renesas Electronics Corporation
Toyosu Foresia, 3-2-24 Toyosu, Koto-ku
Tokyo 135-0061, Japan


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