Web and Network Communications

Embedded Internet Protocols

Embedded Web Server Toolkits
The toolkits are affordable, royalty free, embedded Web server toolkits designed to let you embed a Web server in a network device so that your customers can manage and control it using standard Web browsers such as the one you're using now.

The embedded Web servers are the most widely used OEM embedded Web server software on the market today, because they are designed to make your life easier. They are easy to integrate into your environment and include a rich feature set with security, Java support, maximum compile time flexibility, high performance and a low memory budget.

Embedded HTTP Client Toolkits
The Embedded HTTP Client Toolkits allow embedded devices to retrieve objects (HTML, XML, graphics, audio, etc.) from any Internet Web Server. This allows devices to independently retrieve files such as configuration files, software updates, or remote print files from anywhere on the Internet. An embedded HTTP client also allows a device to dynamically send information or statistics to any Web server anywhere on the Internet.

Embedded XML Toolkit
The Embedded XML Toolkit is a small memory footprint XML parser and framer that allows embedded devices to easily translate internal format data structures to and from XML data streams. The XML data streams may be transported using the embedded web server, the embedded HTTP client, or as email attachments using the embedded email products.

Embedded UPnP™ Technology Toolkits
The embedded UPnP technology toolkits used web and XML technology to allow embedded devices to become certified UPnP compliant devices that will interoperate with UPnP Control Points such as those contained in Microsoft Windows XP and Vista. Additionally, an embedded device may become a UPnP Control Point to discover and interoperate with UPnP devices.

Embedded Command Line Interface Toolkits
The CLI embedded toolkits are designed to speed the implementation of text-based command line interfaces for embedded devices, so that devices can be managed using Cisco IOS-style interfaces, as well as Web-based management interfaces.

Embedded Email Toolkits
The Embedded Email Toolkits allows embedded devices to send email to any SMTP server. Email messages can be used to provide status reports or notifications. The Embedded Email Toolkits allow embedded devices to receive email from any POP3 server. With POP, new software revisions can be downloaded by email; and printers can accept print jobs by email. Email messages for sending and receiving can be plain text, HTML mail with embedded graphics or messages with attachments such as graphics, audio, configuration files, etc.

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