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Green Hills Software offers a wide range of network applications

Networking Applications - DHCP, DNS, FTP, TFTP
The Networking Applications is a collection of four fundamental networking modules: DNS Client, DHCP Client, FTP Client/Server and TFTP Client/Server. The applications are designed for both IPv4 and IPv6 operation, and are optimized for deployment in embedded systems.

Embedded DHCP Server and Relay Agent - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Every computer attached to a network needs to be configured with an IP address and other information about the network in order to work properly. In larger networks, this configuration is quite a time consuming and error prone work. With mobile clients such as laptops it gets even more complicated.

With the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol - DHCP - the entire process of configuring devices on a network gets automated. With very little or no administrator intervention it is easy to accommodate new devices to the network. Another big advantage of DHCP is that it allows for easy connection of mobile devices. DHCP-enabled laptops can move from one place to another with no disturbances. The computer automatically gets an IP address and configuration suitable for the network segment it is currently attached to.

The Embedded DHCP Servers may optionally be combined with a DHCP Relay Agent, which makes it possible for DHCP messages to traverse different subnets. Normally, the DHCP broadcast messages are stopped by routers, but the relay agent receives such messages and resends them to the appropriate DHCP servers using unicast.

This Embedded DHCP Servers and Relay Agent are designed for deployment in embedded systems, and are delivered in ANSI compliant C source code, with ready-to-run INTEGRITY and velOSity integration.

PPPoE - PPP over Ethernet
PPPoE is a protocol standard for opening and running PPP sessions using Ethernet as a virtual driver. The Specification can be used by multiple hosts on a shared Ethernet to open PPP sessions to multiple destinations via one or more bridging modems. It is intended to be used with broadband remote access technologies that provide a bridged Ethernet topology, when access providers wish to maintain the session abstraction associated with PPP.

PPPoE, IPv4, IPv6 protocol, secure networking, TCP/IP stack, GATED, secure communication, IEC 61508, FDA class2, SCA,802.11, IPsec, IKE, SSL SSH, L2TPFeatures :

  • Complete RFC 2516 implementation
  • MD5 integrity protection against Denial of Service Attacks
  • Unlimited PPPoE Interfaces
  • Multiple Ethernet Interfaces Handled
  • Highly Portable Function API
  • Runtime reconfiguration/restarts
  • Configurable timezone offsets
  • Multiple configurable SNTP ports
  • Configurable timeouts and retransmissions
  • Automatic handling of up to four servers
  • Automatic (S)NTP server failure notification
  • Client to server roundtrip time adjustments
  • Unicast or broadcast/multicast mode
  • Configurable timeout and address
  • Unicast and/or broadcast/multicast mode
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