Web and Network Communications

Network Management
CLI – Command Line Interface

Green Hills offers several different text-based command line interfaces for embedded devices. From simple, customizable shells, to more advance Cisco IOS-style interfaces, these products provide easy to use user intefaces for device control and management.

Embedded Web Server

Embedded Web ServerEmbedded web servers allow your customers to manage and control your devices by using standard web browsers such as the one you're using now. They are easy to integrate into your environment and include a rich feature set with security, Java support, maximum compile time flexibility, high performance and a low memory budget.

SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol

Control and management of modern networks is a challenging task due to the complexity and diversity of the connected devices. Since embedded systems also have started to utilize the Internet, a standardization of the management strategy is a necessity. SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol - is the most widely used network management solution for TCP/IP networks. It is an open standard-based framework that is simple but yet flexible enough to manage many different types of embedded devices in today’s distributed network environment.

GHS SNMP consists of an SNMPv1/v2c/v3 agent, SNMP Abstraction Layer, and the MIB compiler binary (Linux, and Win32) based on the industry-standard libsmi. The GHS SNMP product family provides powerful tools for embedding SNMP into your product including the easy development and integration of enterprise specific agents.


  • Designed for Embedded Systems
    This code was designed from the ground up to meet the stringent requirements of the embedded systems market.
  • Optimized Set Operations
    The code uniquely provides 2 pass SET operations with full rollback support.
  • Transport Protocol
    GHS SNMP runs on the UDP transport protocol.
  • Abstraction Layer API
    This API isolates system dependencies thus permitting use of the same agent code on an unlimited number of development environments. In addition, the API provides a clear interface to the system dependent portion of the agent code.
  • Extensibility
    GHS SNMP is fully extensible and allows for the addition of an unlimited number of MIBs.
  • Common Source Code Set
    GHS SNMP supports SNMPv1, v2c & v3 from a common source code software package. This simplifies upgrade and customer support issues.
  • Trilingual Support
    The GHS SNMP agent supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3. This ensures that your system can handle everything from the industry standard SNMPv1 up to the latest in authorization and privacy provided by SNMPv3.
  • SNMPv3 Security
    GHS SNMP offers access control, authentication, privacy, and support for industry standard encryption protocols including: MD5 (Message Digest 5), DES (Data Encryption Standard) and SHA-1.

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