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Green Hills Software Delivers Industry’s Most Comprehensive Production-Focused Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) Solutions for NXP’s Open S32 CoreRide Platform

This industry-first SDV solution comes with pre-integrated hypervisors, real-time operating systems and OS-agnostic advanced development tools from Green Hills, addressing the complex challenges of hardware and software integration

Green Hiulls delivers Most Comprehensive Software-Defined Vehicle Solutions for NXP's Open S32 CoreRide Platform.

SANTA BARBARA, CA — April 3, 2024 — Green Hills Software, the worldwide leader in embedded safety and security, today announced its significant role in NXP® Semiconductors’ open S32 CoreRide platform, a new industry-first vehicle software platform that greatly simplifies complex vehicle architecture development. The new platform integrates NXP’s broad hardware portfolio with Green Hills Software’s portfolio of safe and secure foundational software solutions, bringing OEMs and Tier 1s an unprecedented way to tackle vehicle architecture complexity and diversity while reducing development effort and increasing scalability.

To achieve the promising benefits of SDVs, OEMs and Tier 1s are grappling with efficiently utilizing complex heterogenous multicore processors integrated with layers of software from disparate sources. OEMs must create and maintain a vast amount of new safe and secure software, and deploy the architectures to later upgrade software on vehicles on the road. The S32 CoreRide Platform breaks the barriers of integrating hardware and software in the central compute, high-performance real-time domain/zonal controllers, and connected vehicle networks.

“NXP’s S32 CoreRide platform combined with Green Hills’ portfolio of safe and secure foundational software solutions help our customers break through the complex integration barriers of SDV development,” said Henri Ardevol, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Automotive Embedded Systems at NXP. “The ability to safely and securely consolidate open and mixed-criticality workloads makes this combination an essential software foundation for OEMs to efficiently develop and confidently deploy their SDV innovations.”

“Green Hills is pleased to be an essential partner in NXP’s S32 CoreRide platform, offering automotive OEMs and Tier 1s the broadest portfolio of pre-integrated and optimized safety- and security-certified software solutions in the industry,” said Dan Mender, VP Business Development at Green Hills Software. “Our production-proven advanced development tools, RTOSes, and virtualization services supporting the family of NXP S32 processors enable customers to safely incorporate ECU consolidation, accelerate complex system development, and reduce cost and time-to-market for the core vehicle functions of mixed-criticality multicore SDV architectures.”

Green Hills for S32 CoreRide Platform
Today, Green Hills is working with global OEM early adopters of the S32 CoreRide platform by providing the safe and secure run-time foundation of hypervisors, real-time operating systems, development tools, and design services.

Flexible and Scalable Architecture Choices – A uniform software foundation supports all S32 automotive processing platforms, spanning the smallest MCUs to the most performant MPUs, safely and securely running open source and commercial mixed-criticality software.

Simplified Integration – Reduce architecture complexity by confidently consolidating mixed-criticality functions from real-time, AUTOSAR, POSIX, Linux, middleware, cloud and standards-based environments.

Production Focused – Ready-to-deploy and pre-certified for ASIL D safety and ISO/SAE cybersecurity.

Reduced Development Effort – A single, unified, OS-agnostic development environment and system view across all cores and operating systems to quickly find and fix bugs and optimize the platform.

Trusted Advisors – Expert training and design services to shorten time-to-market with lower cost and reduced risk, tailored to the project’s development processes, safety and security goals.

Complete Offering – Available today on NXP’s S32 Automotive Processing Platform:

For more information on Green Hills support for the NXP S32 CoreRide platform, visit or email

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