Our Productivity Consulting Service Boosts Your Programmer Productivity

We Know the Most about Programmer Productivity

With the help of our engineers, Green Hills Software has become one of the fastest-growing software companies. Their exceptional productivity is a direct result of using the best programmer productivity tools (i.e. ours) and the most productive embedded software development process (i.e. ours).

You Can Adopt Our Software Development Processes

You can benefit from our embedded software development process by having our Productivity Consulting experts introduce our proven software development process into your organization. Our Productivity Consulting Service experts are intimately familiar with the embedded software development process and the embedded software development products that have made us the most profitable embedded software vendor.

We Configure Our Products for Maximum Productivity

Our Productivity Consulting Service experts will configure our products to maximize your productivity. If poor installation or configuration choices are made, your software development efficiency may be impaired. Our Productivity Consulting Service ensures that your programmers have the most efficient use of our product by configuring our products to meet your requirements.

We'll Train Your Programmers to be More Productive

Having the most productive software development tools doesn't do you any good if your programmers don't know how to use them most effectively. We maximize your programmer productivity and reduce your time to market by training your programmers how to obtain the most productivity from our products and services.

We'll Improve Your Use of Our Products

After your programmers are trained in the best use of our products, our Productivity Consulting Service experts will evaluate how your programmers actually use of our products and services. They will boost your programmer productivity and reduce your time to market by identifying more productive ways to use our existing products and services.

We'll Customize Our Products to Your Needs

If it becomes apparent to you or our Productivity Consulting experts that our products need to be changed to improve your programmer productivity, our Productivity Consulting experts will make those changes. They will even build custom development tools to your specifications, enabling you to construct your ideal development environment. Our customization services can ensure that our products are optimized to meet your every need and maximize your programmer productivity.

We'll Interface Our Products to Competing Products

Although we believe that we have all of the best of breed tools for all of your electronic product software development needs, you may prefer some tools from another vendor. We have the most open embedded development environment in the industry. We will modify our products to work with any real time operating system, design or modeling tool, compiler, configuration management system, editor, or debug connection from another vendor. We will design, build, and support an interface to any other product that is required to get your development team operating at maximum productivity.

Our Productivity Consulting experts will do whatever it takes to maximize your productivity.

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