Our Product Cost Reduction Service Can Lower Your Production Costs

Minimum Production Cost is Critical to Your Success

An electronic product must be inexpensive to manufacture in order to attain its maximum profit potential. Reducing your production cost by 5% boosts your profit per unit and your rate of return on investment by 7%. Reducing your production cost also extends your product lifetime, thereby boosting your market share and total sales.

Our Products Enable You to Reduce Production Costs

It is rare for a product to meet its production cost objectives when it is first prototyped. It usually requires more memory and processing power than were originally projected. Our products have the most advanced performance enhancement and memory reduction capabilities. These capabilities enable you to reduce the production cost of your electronic product.

Let Our Experts Help You Reduce Your Production Cost

If you want to obtain the absolute minimum production cost, turn your production cost reduction process over to our Product Cost Reduction Service, the best product cost reduction experts in the world. For twenty-eight years, our experts have been beating every other competitor in performance enhancement and memory size reduction on published benchmarks.

Our Product Cost Reduction experts know every perfomance enhancement and memory usage reduction capability of our products intimately, because they designed them. They use our MULTI performance analysis capabilities and our MULTI memory usage analysis capabilities to select the optimal compiler optimizations for each part of your program. If our compilers don't have the right optimization for your program, they will add a new optimization. If you permit it, they will modify your program to make it run faster and use less memory. Our experts have even talked microprocessor manufacturers into adding new instructions to their microprocessors in order to make a particular customer's program run faster and use less memory!

Our benchmarking experts will do anything to win. And they always win. If you make your program their next benchmark, they will amaze you with how much faster and smaller they can make your software. They have improved the performance of customer programs by over 300% and reduced customer memory usage by over 30% (but your mileage may vary).

Our Experts Are More Efficient Than Your Staff

Our experts know every capability of our products intimately. Utilizing their experience in getting the best use out of all of the most advanced performance enhancement and memory reduction capabilities of our products, our experts can probably increase your performance and reduce your memory usage significantly more than your staff can. And they can probably do it in less time and at a lower cost.

We Will Slash Your Production Cost by 5%

Your programmers have much more productive things to do than port your application to our real time operating systems or work on performance enhancement and memory reduction. So we will obtain the minimum production cost for your electronic product by maximizing your product's performance and minimizing your product's memory usage. And we will do it all without impacting your development schedule.

Our Product Cost Reduction Service can probably reduce your production cost by more than 5%. What is that worth to you? Added up over every unit of your product that you will ever produce, how much can you save by reducing your production cost by 5%? A 5% reduction in production cost will probably increase the life time profits earned from your product by 10%. How many other ways can you increase the life time profits earned from your product by 10%? Can you afford not to check out our Product Cost Reduction Service?

If you don't believe that our Product Cost Reduction Service can reduce your production cost by more than 5%, call our experts today for a free estimate.

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