BF Goodrich Flight Systems

BFGoodrich, FDA class 2, C/C++ optimizing embedded compilers, embedded microprocessor and MULTI IDE advanced debugger

BFGoodrich Aerospace Space Flight Systems is using Green Hills Software's C and C++ Optimizing Compilers, and MULTI® IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and the ThreadX® Real-Time Operating System, to configure the fault tolerant processor for microRad -- a 32-bit RISC computer. microRad is designed to keep satellites and missiles operating in high-radiation environments.

"The MULTI IDE enable us to provide a turnkey development and target environment that maximizes programmer productivity and enhances reliability at an affordable price. The MULTI IDE greatly simplified the development of the high-availability code we needed for our GuideStar system. The MULTI debugger's tight integration with the RTOS and its support for task-level debugging were particularly helpful."

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