MotoTron is using MULTI IDE analysis tools & debugger and C/C++ optimizing embedded compilers

MotoTron is using Green Hills Software's MULTI® Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Optimizing C/C++ Compilers to develop engine control software for the Allstar™ 708 high performance engine. Using Freescale's Power Architecture-based MPC555 microcontroller and MotoTron's flexible embedded software, the Allstar 708 engine can be used for many applications requiring high power output such as automobile racing, industrial tasks, and consumer activities.

"MULTI helps bring a monster under control. No other development environment can match the flexibility that MULTI offers for a sophisticated engine like the Allstar 708. Only MULTI allows us to apply optimization settings on a global or a function by function basis, giving the software engineer the flexibility to better utilize the processor's resources, code space and execution time."

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