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Green Hills Software INTEGRITY-178B RTOS Selected by CMC Electronics for Integrated Avionics Applications

Systems & Software Technology Conference (SSTC), Salt Lake City, UT —May 2, 2006—Green Hills Software, Inc., the technology leader in operating systems and development tools for safe and secure systems, today announced that CMC Electronics Inc. has selected the Green Hills Platform for Avionics with the INTEGRITY-178B real-time operating system (RTOS) to support the development of integrated cockpit avionics solutions.

“The Green Hills Platform for Avionics provides a single vendor solution that satisfies our advanced development environment requirements,” said Patrick Champagne, vice president engineering, CMC Electronics.

Green Hills Software INTEGRITY-178B will be used in the development of a new CMC Electronics Aircraft Management System product line. The product supports an all-glass cockpit anchored by two powerful CMC Electronics Integrated Avionics Computers that are fully qualified to commercial standards. This rugged mission system uses a PowerPC 7457 processor and will support multiple display functions.

“Green Hills Software is pleased that CMC Electronics has selected our INTEGRITY-178B RTOS for use in their integrated avionics development efforts,” said Dan O’Dowd, founder and chief executive officer of Green Hills Software. “Green Hills Software has developed a complete Platform for Avionics to support the diverse needs of our avionics customers, which includes the INTEGRITY-178B RTOS. INTEGRITY-178B is an ARINC-653-1 full time and memory partitioned RTOS that has been certified multiple times to the FAA’s safety critical standard DO-178B. As a result, the Green Hills Platform for Avionics is clearly becoming the industry choice for avionics systems development where lower risk and faster time-to-market are important considerations.”

The Green Hills Platform for Avionics has been selected for a growing list of current and next-generation aircraft. This list now includes the Airbus A380, Boeing 777, Boeing 787, Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, F/A-22, Eurofighter Typhoon, Lockheed Martin F-16, Airbus A400M military transport, Boeing C-17, Boeing B-1B, Boeing B-52, Boeing X-45C Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems and Sikorsky S-92 helicopter. The wide deployment of Green Hills Software avionics solutions clearly demonstrates that Green Hills Software is the industry leader and the preferred choice as the avionics RTOS solution.

About CMC Electronics

CMC Electronics designs and produces leading technology electronics products for the aviation and global positioning markets. CMC's focus is on delivering innovative cockpit systems integration and avionics solutions to its customers worldwide. CMC’s principal locations are in Montreal, Quebec; Ottawa, Ontario; and Chicago, Illinois. Formerly known as Canadian Marconi Company, CMC Electronics has designed and built innovative communication and electronics systems since 1903.

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