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Candera GMbH, HMI, GUI

Product Type
HMI Software Development Tool Environment for Automotive and Industrial

Product or Product Family Name
CGI Studio

Product Summary
CGI Studio is a scalable and hardware independent HMI and GUI design software. The open architecture allows deep integration and automatization. All this is accomplished with one tool while still retaining the necessities of fast bootup time, small footprints and the critical automotive standards and regulations of ASIL, MISRA and SPICE. The software enables creation of brilliant and customizable HMIs of all kinds for the automotive area and beyond.

Processors Supported

CGI Studio supports a wide range of well-known platforms from Renesas, Socionext, Cypress, NXP, etc. Please see our web site for more details.

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Candera GmbH
Semmelweisstrasse 34
4020 Linz, Austria
Phone: +43-732-90305-0
Fax: +43-732-90305-100

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