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Software consulting, development and optimization services.

Product or Product Family Name
Specialists in building and improving foundation embedded software

Product Summary
Pebble Bay helps businesses build and improve all kinds of products based on microprocessors.  The company helps their customers to get the best out of their design, by focusing on the software building blocks that support the application. 

Clients trust Pebble Bay’s team of specialists and project managers to solve embedded software problems across a wide variety of industries and applications. This enables new products to be delivered to market quicker, and existing products to be enhanced and improved on.

Product Description
Pebble Bay has extensive software expertise across the entire lifecycle of a product, spanning from development, through to optimising and customising what you already have in place.  We can develop the embedded software components your system is missing and integrate them with your existing components so they work in harmony with each other and with your hardware.

Project management is built in and where required, short periods of work at your site are also possible.

When it comes to technology, we have experience and knowledge across the board. Our particular areas of expertise lie in the building blocks of your product – the low-level software that ensures that the rest of the application works to its full potential. Whether you need us to deliver a board support package, port your real time operating system or ensure your communication protocols are working at their best, we can help.

We are very familiar with all the major 32-bit processor architectures used in today’s embedded systems. C and C++ are our workhorse languages, although we also use assembly and scripting languages when they’re the right tools for the job. We’ve worked with a huge range of development environments and tools, from command line through to IDEs. We love to learn new stuff and relish the challenge of getting up to speed quickly on new technologies.

Processors Supported
Power Architecture

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Leamington Spa, United Kingdom

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