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Arilou develops multi-layered, end-to-end, automotive-grade cyber security solutions. Its cyber team specializes in embedded, mission-critical cyber security, developing reliable high-end defensive solutions. Drawn from deep knowledge of the automotive industry, Arilou’s patented solutions pave the way for connected vehicles. As part of NNG Group, Arilou has local presence in all continents, bringing local expertise to the global market.

Partner name
Arilou Automotive Cyber Security

Product or Product Family Name
Arilou Sentinel

Product Type
Intrusion Detection & Prevention System (IDS/IPS) for CANbus, SAE J1939 and Automotive Ethernet

Product Summary
Arilou Sentinel is comprehensive IDS/IPS solution. Being integrated in Gateway, TCU or other ECUs, it monitors the in-vehicle network for attacks or manipulations of the network. The Sentinel family of products include CANbus, SAE J1939 (heavy vehicles) and Ethernet versions.

Product Description

Connected vehicles are exposed through their external interfaces to cyber-attacks, in which an intruder may be sending malicious messages into the in-vehicle networks (IVNs). Arilou Sentinel is an IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection/Prevention System) that detects and prevents such attacks. Integrated in an ECU (Gateway, TCU or others) or attached as an external appliance, it monitors all traffic on the IVN (CAN, J1939, Ethernet) and looks for anomalies - from simple white list filtering or denial of service to advanced deep packet inspection, detecting variations in message structure, frequency or content, automotive related parameters like speed, acceleration, correlation and many more. Upon detection of an anomaly, Arilou’s Sentinel IDS returns an alert reporting the event with the associated information allowing the ECU to drop malicious messages and prevent the attack. Demonstrating 100% detection rate and zero false alerts in 3rd parties’ assessments, Arilou’s outstanding performance ensures full compatibility to cyber-security requirements such as UNECE WP.29 and ISO/SAE 21434.

Processors Supported<
Arilou Sentinel/IDS is processor agnostic

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