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processors, embedded processors, AT91M55800A, AT91RM3400, AT91RM9200, AT91SAM7A2, AT91F40816, AT91FR40161, AT91FR40162

Product or Product Family Name

  • AT91FR
  • AT91RM
  • AT91SAM7S
  • AT91SAM7SE

Product Summary
Atmel’s Smart ARM MCUs provide up to 200 MIPS performance, with integrated Flash ranging from 32k bytes up to 2M bytes and up to 256k bytes of high-speed on-chip SRAM. A rich peripheral set provides the connectivity, communications and control functions required by most applications. Advanced power management allows you to optimize the power consumption for any level of processor and peripheral activity.

Vertical Markets
Products recently introduced and in development enlarge the scope of application for Atmel’s Smart ARM MCUs. Target applications include computing and communication accessories, in-car navigation, consumer applications, industrial automation, medical, low-end routers and telecom infrastructure. In-built security features make the products ideal for security applications like access control and secure payment.

Processors Supported

  • AT91M40800
  • AT91R40008
  • AT91FR40162
  • AT91FR4042
  • AT91M42800A
  • AT91M55800A
  • AT91RM3400
  • AT91RM9200
  • AT91SAM7A1
  • AT91SAM7A2
  • AT91SAM7A3
  • AT91SAM7S32
  • AT91SAM7S64
  • AT91SAM7S128
  • AT91SAM7S256

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