Third Party Partners

Product Type
Single board computers, board development kits, Planet development system

Supported Green Hills Products
Green Hills Probe

Product Summary
Embedded Planet has pioneered the Design, Develop, and Deploy process with small form factor, low cost single board computers for use by OEMs in networking, communication, and many other applications.

Each single board computer is based on Motorola or IBM PowerPC, ARM or MIPS processors and includes Embedded Planet's PlanetCore (a suite of utilities designed to support Embedded Planet's products from single board computing devices to our various software development platforms.) Embedded Planet also licenses single board computer designs and PlanetCore source code.

Product Description
Software Development Platforms that enable embedded INTEGRITY, Linux, and other OS developers to begin writing applications right away -- without waiting for their hardware to be built.

Computing Engines that provide a simple interface to complex network processors in standard form factors and scaleable configurations.

The PlanetCore™ software suite that brings software and hardware together, reducing development time and enabling more value in applications and interfaces.

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