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Product Type

HMI Design Tool Chain

Product Name

Luxoft Populus Suite

Product Description

Populus Suite is a complete tool chain for HMI design, HMI development and the deployment of automotive user interfaces for distributed embedded systems. It minimizes the time and cost of producing eye-catching, full-featured automotive human machine-interfaces (HMIs). Populus Suite has several unique features. These features, when combined, remove the barriers that traditionally exist between the people working with requirements, system engineering, HMI design and implementation.

Processors Supported

  • NXP i.MX5x / i.MX6x
  • Renesas V850/Dx4
  • Renesas D1Mx
  • Fujitsu Emerald
  • Spansion Traveo
  • Intel Atom
  • SH4 RISC processor family
  • TI OMAP & Jacinto

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Luxoft Global Operations GmbH

Sales Contact
Marco Villanueva
Senior Solutions Architecture
ph: +49 531 3938 7808

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