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Product or Product Family Name
Object Computing Inc. (OCI) - The ACE ORB (TAO)

Product Type
Middleware, Application modeling, HW/SW, cosimulation, Code quality management

Product Summary
An open source C++ implementation of CORBA 2.6 and RT CORBA 1.1. Spans many platforms by means of the ACE abstraction layer an open source, high performance, typesafe set of C++ programming libraries also supported by OCI.

Product Description
The ACE ORB (TAO) is a CORBA 2.6 ORB designed from the very start for real-time and embedded systems. Its open source, zero cost licensing model, active community, and professional commercial support from OCI make it an attractive product for high performance infrastructure. TAO supports many CORBA services and is available on the widest range of platforms in the market. ACE allows the developer the option of socket level performance combined with a high level of portability across the same range of platforms.

For clients requiring distributed debugging of RT CORBA systems OCI also supports OVATION, and Object Viewing and Analysis Tool for Integrated Object Networks.

Processors Supported
OCI routinely supports PPC, X86 and StrongARM targets. OCI also does custom builds for clients with special requirements.

Supported Green Hills Software Products
Optimizing C++ compiler,

Object Computing Inc. (OCI)
12140 Woodcrest Executive Drive,
Suite 250
St. Louis, MO 63141-5099 USA

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