The Green Hills Safe and Secure Platform For the Renesas R-Car Cockpit ECU Reference Solution brings together the products, services and expertise necessary to create and deploy safety-critical software for production-level vehicle cockpit ECUs. Proven applications include instrument clusters, heads-up displays, in-vehicle infotainment, telematics, secure OTA and Driver Monitoring.

Based on the industry’s leading safety and security-certified INTEGRITY separation kernel, the Platform consolidates and safely runs multiple vehicle cockpit workloads of different ISO 26262 ASIL safety levels on a single R-Car SoC, including Linux and Android environments. Developers use the safety-certified MULTI® IDE and Optimizing C/C++ compilers to create optimized cockpit application code. Deep-visibility debugging and the integrated MISRA-C Adherence Checker reduce development cost and time-to-market while maximizing product reliability.

  • Run ASIL-critical tasks on the INTEGRITY RTOS
  • Safely & securely run Linux and Android environments alongside critical tasks
  • Share peripherals safely and securely between native RTOS tasks and Guest OSes (e.g. GPU)
  • Assign functions for fast boot
  • Single unified debugger for RTOS, Linux, application and driver code
  • ASIL-certified IDE, compilers and run-time libraries
  • MISRA-C adherence checker for automotive-quality code
  • Secure communication between native RTOS tasks and Guest OSes
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