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The Leader In Embedded Optimizing Compilers


"Our research again shows Green Hills Software to be the dominant compiler and debugger company in the embedded marketplace." - Chris Lanfear, project manager for VDC's Embedded Systems Research Group

Electronic product developers need compilers to develop the software that is embedded in electronic products. A compiler translates the high level programming languages in which programs are written into the machine languages that the microprocessors embedded in electronic products actually understand. The quality of the compiler that you use determines the speed at which your software will operate and the amount of memory that it will require. The best optimizing compiler produces the fastest code that uses the least memory, maximizing your product's performance and reducing its manufacturing cost.

Green Hills Optimizing Compilers

The Leader in Compiler Technology

When we introduced our revolutionary optimizing compilers over twenty-eight years ago, our compilers generated much smaller and faster code than any other compilers. This was the beginning of our twenty-eight years of leadership in embedded compiler technology.

The Most Popular Embedded Compilers

By using our optimizing compilers, our customers are able to develop much faster electronic products that cost less to manufacture. Our optimizing compilers are so far ahead of the competition that they dominate the embedded software market. Green Hills optimizing compilers are the world's most popular embedded compilers.

The Best Optimizing Compilers

Using our optimizing compilers, programmers can consistently generate smaller and faster code than with any other compilers. We beat every competitor on published compiler benchmarks.

The Most Advanced Compiler Technology

For the last twenty-eight years, Green Hills Software has continued to advance the state-of-the-art by continuing to develop new optimization technology. Our optimizing compilers perform every major compiler optimization available in competing compilers. In addition, we have developed hundreds of proprietary optimizations to ensure that we always have the edge in optimizing compiler technology. We have always maintained the most advanced embedded compiler technology.

The Best Debugger Integration

Ten years ago, we recognized that in order to enable the best debugging of optimized code it was necessary to develop compilers and debuggers together. We developed our revolutionary MULTI debugger around our world leading optimizing compilers. MULTI soon became the world's most popular embedded software debugging solution. Since then, our compiler and debugger have continued to grow together to produce the most productive embedded debugging solution.

The Best Performance Analysis Integration

Later, we enhanced our compilers to provide information to our patented performance analysis component of our MULTI embedded development environment. This capability provides unparalleled insight into the performance of a program. This enables you to significantly boost the performance of your software.

The Best Runtime Error Checking

We also enhanced our compilers to check for nearly all of the programming errors that lead to irreproducible bugs, glitches, crashes, and lock ups. These are the problems that delay volume production of most electronic products. When a serious programming error is detected, our MULTI development environment halts the program and displays the line at which the error occurred in our MULTI debugger.

Green Hills Compilers Boost Profits

Our optimizing compilers produce the fastest code, boosting product performance. Our optimizing compilers also generate the code that uses the least memory, reducing manufacturing costs. Selecting the best compiler maximizes profits because: