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Embedded Software Development Environment

"Our research again shows Green Hills Software to be the dominant compiler and debugger company in the embedded marketplace." - Chris Lanfear, project manager for VDC's Embedded Systems Research Group.

"Embedded software" is the software that is embedded in an electronic product to control its operation. Embedded software developers need embedded software development tools to develop embedded software. An embedded software development environment is an integrated collection of software development tools that manage the entire embedded software development process: analyzing, designing, documenting, writing, compiling, debugging, testing, optimizing, and verifying software. Components in the MULTI software development environment includes:

Programmers spend nearly all of their time using their embedded software development environment. Your choice of an embedded software development environment is the most important determinant of the productivity and effectiveness of your programmers.

For the last twenty-eight years, Green Hills Software has been dedicated to developing the most advanced embedded software development technology. Our embedded software development tools enable your programmers to develop more reliable, more capable, higher performance software in less time at a lower development cost.

The Leader in Embedded Debugging Technology

A debugger helps programmers find more bugs in their software more quickly. Getting the bugs out of the software is the most expensive, time consuming, and high-risk aspect of electronic product development.

Ten years ago, after years of research into the most common embedded software debugging problems that were not being addressed by existing embedded debuggers, we introduced our revolutionary MULTI debugger. MULTI IDE was the first multi-window source level debugger. MULTI IDE slashed our customers debugging time, allowing them to get their products to market in record time.

The Most Popular Embedded Debugger

Soon after we introduced our MULTI debugger, it took the real time operating system market by storm. Wind River Systems and Integrated Systems, the two largest RTOS companies, selected it as their standard embedded software debugger. MULTI IDE soon became the world's most popular embedded software debugger.

The Leader in Embedded Compilers

The world's leading Green Hills Optimizing Compilers are fully integrated into our MULTI software development environment. For the last twenty-eight years, Green Hills Optimizing Compilers have been advancing the state-of-the-art by continuing to develop the most advanced compiler technology. Using our optimizing compilers with our MULTI software development environment, programmers can consistently generate smaller and faster code than with any competing compilers.

The Most Advanced Debugging Technology

For the last ten years, Green Hills Software has continued to advance the state-of-the-art by continuing to develop the most advanced embedded software debugging technology. Using our MULTI debugger, programmers can slash their debugging time by quickly finding even the nastiest bugs, crashes, lock ups, and glitches. These are the problems that elude detection for days or even weeks with other debuggers.

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