The Most Reliable Real Time Operating System

INTEGRITY detects and prevents bugs, crashes, lock ups, and glitches

Traditional real time operating systems from the 1980s (i.e., VxWorks, pSOS) can be crashed or subtly corrupted by the smallest inadvertent bug in even the most insignificant part of your software.

In contrast, the INTEGRITY real time operating system automatically detects and identifies, up front during software development, nearly every bug that could crash, lock-up, corrupt, or cause maddening random glitches in your electronic product. Furthermore, INTEGRITY prevents the few remaining bugs or viruses in your production software from crashing, locking up, glitching, or subtly corrupting the system.

The Titanic sank due to a flawed, non-watertight compartment system. Water from a single hole in the hull eventually overflowed into other compartments sinking the ship. The lesson learned and the technique employed today mandates that ships be divided into many watertight compartments so that one compartment cannot compromise other compartments.

Software Compartmentalization

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The solution to software reliability is compartmentalization. Our INTEGRITY real time operating system allows you to divide your software into bug-tight compartments. If a bug occurs in one compartment it can't cause any trouble for software in any other compartment.

When a ship’s hull is breached and water pours in, watertight compartments are sealed so that only the compartment with the hole fills with water. The ship stays afloat. Analogous to the way that ships are divided into many watertight compartments, the INTEGRITY real time operating system allows you to divide your software into bug-tight compartments. If a bug occurs in one compartment, it cannot cause any trouble for software in any other compartment.

Primitive RTOSes are like old ships, they have only one compartment. Any bug anywhere in your software can sink your whole system. There is no known design or testing methodology that can detect all bugs. With primitive RTOSes, the reliability of your electronic product is determined by your least reliable programmer on his worst day. This is what causes the maddening random glitches, crashes, and lock ups that plague all products that use other RTOSes.

INTEGRITY-178 tuMP is the most reliable RTOS

For products that require the highest reliability, only our INTEGRITY-178 tuMP real time operating system will do. INTEGRITY-178 tuMP is our INTEGRITY real time operating system, plus a complete certification package for the Federal Aviation Administration's highest level safety standard: DO-178B Level A. Conformance to this standard is mandatory for any product whose failure could cause catastrophic failure of an aircraft. INTEGRITY-178 tuMP is the only high reliability RTOS whose documentation and testing have been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to meet this extraordinarily strict standard. INTEGRITY-178 tuMP is so reliable that it has been adopted to run the primary control systems of dozens of aircraft including the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and the Traffic Collision Avoidance System for commercial aircraft.

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