W Complete Embedded Development Solutions

Everything You Need to Develop Software for Electronic Products

We provide everything you need to develop embedded software for a fiercely competitive market:

For over thirty years, our products have been used to develop everything from ink jet printers to supersonic fighter jets.

If you attempt to combine software development tools and real time operating systems from different vendors you will inevitably suffer from multiple vendor finger pointing. Even when the salesmen from every vendor promise that they are fully compatible with each other, problems will arise.

When problems arise, each vendor will blame the others. Each day you wait for the vendors to stop blaming each other, your expensive programmers sit idle and your competitors get one day closer to market. Or even worse, if your competitors are already in the market they have one more day to gobble up market share before you can respond.

Different vendors inevitably have different release cycles. When one vendor ships you a new release to fix a problem or provide you with new features, the new release will probably not be fully compatible with the current releases from all of your other vendors. Each time you transition from one unique combination of releases to the next, your programmers will run into problems that will slow down your development.

Real Time Operating Systems

We provide real time operating systems for electronic products ranging from Hewlett Packard ink jet printers, which require the lowest production cost, to F-35 supersonic jet fighters, which require the highest reliability.

MULTI Integrated Debugging Environment

Our world leading MULTI integrated development environment optimizes every aspect of the software development process allowing you to get your electronic product to market in record time at the lowest development cost.

Optimizing Compilers

According to the independent EEMBC benchmarks, our optimizing compilers generate the fastest and smallest code for more microprocessors than anyone else. We provide complete development support for all of the popular embedded development languages:

Processor Probes

We offer a range of hardware debug probes from low-cost to high performance, supporting the most popular processors:

Integrated middleware

To help jump-start poroduct development, we provide an extensive array of middleware, integrated and validated for INTEGRITY, including

Industry Specific Platforms

We provide specialized platforms that include the INTEGRITY RTOS along with development tools, industry-specific middleware, reference hardware, and documention for the following industries:

Development Services

We don't just drive a truck up to your loading dock, shove the software off the back, and drive away. We offer services to:

Development Hosts

We support all popular hosts for embedded software development:

Target Microprocessors

We provide development support for all popular 32 & 64 bit embedded microprocessors:

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